Why Brangelina Blew Off The Oscars

Angelina Jolie has no time for double-stick tape and a pair of Spanx on Sunday night. The Goodwill Ambassador blew off the Oscars to travel to Africa where she immediately got down and dirty in the mud of a refugee campsite.

"She wants to galvanize action to end the horrors these people are living through," International Crisis Group's John Prendergast tells Us. Meanwhile, Pitt, 43, played Mr. Mom to the couple's three children back at their New Orleans mansion over the weekend -- but had to leave them with the nannies for a brief trip to L.A. on February 25.

Across town at the Oscars, the actor's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button costar Cate Blanchett told Us she doesn't consider playdates between her and Pitt's children a perk of the job: "That's just called life."